North Carolina Handgun Training Class
$50.00 (No Range Fees) (all you need is 30 rounds of ammo)

All of the classes are taught at VFW 4542 in Spring lake (see map page).


22 AUG, 2015 (Sat.) (N.C. CCH)

The 22nd of AUG will be our last class for a while, probably until
the new year.

Thanks, and have a great holiday season.

A few days before the class (usually Thu/Fri evening) I send out a pretty
extensive e-mail

NOTE: with ammo the way it is I would go ahead and get the ammo you need and
don't wait until the last moment.

**Traveling with a Firearm in your Vehicle! (See the bottom of this page)

Thank You

Michael (Gus) Grissom
Patricia (Missy) Grissom

*E-mail is best, we both work.
Stop by the Dairy Queen in Spring Lake for a
meal or some Ice Cream
(at the first light, on Right,
pass the "Y" [on NC HWY 87])
Mr. and Mrs. C. have the Cleanest and
Friendliest restaurant around.

"The N.C. C.C.H. course is not an NRA-approved course" (this is a required statement from the NRA)
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2410 Muchison Rd.
Fayetteville, N.C. 28301
(South of Pamalee Dr.)

Ask to see their Weapons, Ammo, and Accessories
in the Pawn shop)

The Guys and Gals have always treated me great!
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4756 Yadkin Rd.
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On the East side of Yadkin Rd.,between Skibo
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Home Page
Traveling with a Firearm
North Carolina open carry law works well while traveling in a vehicle. You can have your "Locked
and Loaded" firearm in your vehicle as long as a law enforcement officer can see the weapon. If
you need to conceal the weapon you must place the "Unloaded Weapon" in the trunk and the
Ammo in the compartment with the people. If you have a single compartment vehicle e.g.
truck/SUV you must make the
unloaded firearm unusable, place a "Trigger Lock," "Cable Lock,"
on the weapon, or place, Unloaded, in a locked box. It is all about Officer Safety.

On Fort Bragg: (going through an I.D check gate)
-You can never carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle.
-You can never have a concealed firearm in a vehicle.
-Your firearm must be registered on Fort Bragg
-You are not allowed to stop anyplace on post and leave a weapon in your vehicle.
-If you need to drive through post to get to the class, make sure it is unloaded and carried in the
open, and just drive straight through post.
-An accidental discharge is always possible, but has an extremely low probability of happening unless you do it
-Think of the hundreds of thousands of man-hours, military and law enforcement carry firearms, and they just do not go
off by themselves.
Two things will get you in trouble or keep you out of trouble while handling a firearm:
Muzzle awareness; you must know where it is and maintain you muzzle in a safe direction 100% of the time.
Trigger Finger; Your finger touches the trigger for a split second, when you are discharging the weapon, then it
comes off and rests, back, on the side of the frame (your trigger finger is your first safety).